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hi actually mme website is showing DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN i dont known about this what is the problem please help me
please help me
please help me
Screenshot 2021-12-26 122604

Don’t censor your domain so we can diagnose.


Hello @Bvvnmgh,
We can’t help you if you don’t provide a URL or a domain name. Also make sure that the nameservers are pointing to:


Share your domain name also then only we can check!
Freenom domain???

Note:As per my observation Most of the freenom domains are currently down. And showing DNS probe error!

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This is the problem showing
And my domain is moviesforfreehd.ga
And I am using cloudflare servers

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So I can understand that domain is from freenom!
As I mentioned already freenom domains down!
Not infinityfree coz IF subdomains are working well !

Looking at your domain, it sounds against the terms of service.


What does it means?

Movie sharing site, etc are not allowed on free hosting.

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Ohh okay

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