I have a problem with my wordpress. server IP address could not be found.


I have a google domain. I did install the nameservers (infinity free) and it was working great until I created an email account on Zoho for the website and I linked the Zoho account to the hosting, and now I can’t access to the website. There was some stuff that Zoho told me to do in order to verify my hosting and link the account to my hosting after I add some stuff to mxentry and CNAME. Can please someone help me, I have no idea what to do?

May I know your website link?


What about removing the mx record and cname record first, and see if you could access your site without that record, and if yes, then the problem their is your CNAME and MX entry, (or you put it in the wrong place). Tell me if you can access it.


Your domain is pointed to ns1.byet.org, ns2.byet.org instead of ns1.epizy.com ns2.epizy.com

Please change it :blush:

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mx.byetcluster.com. I cant delete, and in the CNAME this is the only record that is there(I can’t delete this one because i wont be able to send emails from Zoho. zb61458083.zmverify.zoho.com.

I did change those nameservers days ago in my google domain settings and nothing happen

But what I can see is ns1.byet.org, ns2.byet.org instead of ns1.epizy.com ns2.epizy.com.

Try to change it to Infinityfree nameservers, and tell me the update.

I just did change it. However, I wanted to let you know that I did change from the other way around because the ns1.epizy.com ns2.epizy.com wasn’t working. (these were days ago)

But now I did what you told me.

I’m sorry for the issue, but you should really change the nameservers to ns1.epizy.com & ns2.epizy.com in order to make your website live/work since you are using Infinityfree hosting.

And please be aware that it will take a day for your domain to start working everywhere and sometimes it will take an hour for your dns/nameservers to start working everywhere.

They’re same

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Firstly, thank you for your help. And yes I know that it may take 72hs, but to be honest I have done this before and nothing did change so I wont think that would solve my problem unfortunately:/ I’ve deal with this for the past two weeks or three. its kind of annoying because i dont know what it can be that wont allow me to use the wordpress to keep building the website for my company.

I’m so sorry for my failed help-answer.

I really recommend you to have a premium plan hosting instead of a free hosting, if you are in a business company, and also for more secure and reliable.

I can pay the premium but how would that solve my problem?

Installing a fresh wordpress hosting premium account instead of this free got-an-error account.

My best are: iFastnet premium, or Interserver

This problem is caused internally. I think only @Admin could sort this out.

Based on my analysis, there is no pointing A or AAAA or CNAME records in your domain. But you already have changed your nameservers to InfinityFree, so it will take about 24 - 72 hours before any changes to effect.

There is a problem in DNS records in which only @Admin can manually changed your records in their administrative panel.

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Thank you for your answer, highly appreciate, how can I get in contact with them? @Admin

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Unfortunately, we have to wait for his reply. We can’t private message him (I dont know why).

Oh I see, really? I didn’t know that:/