Hello, my website is http://vrgamers360world.ga/ and im getting this error:
I have checked DNS record on freenom site for my domain and it’s correct. I have installed WP through Softaculous and it says that it’s installed successfully. But when i try to log in into http://vrgamers360world.ga/wp-admin it gives me same issue. What should i do?
I also tried changing the DNS as well but no luck, please help


I was able get in once and install plug-ins I needed but after the plugin was installed and I was drafting my post. I saved my work and next day the above error.

Did you read the entire KB article I posted? If you didn’t read it click on the blue bold link.

The article @Ergastolator1 linked to is relevant, but only for newly added domains. Your domain has aged well beyond the period of time that information is relevant.

Our DNS monitoring has reported some hiccups in DNS resolution in the US West and East Asia regions, as well as a larger outage in the Central Europe area. Depending on where in our DNS network your request was routed, this may have impacted your DNS requests as well.

Since the previous post in this topic, the Central Europe outage was resolved. Do you still experience this problem?

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