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I have the following site registered with FREENOM https://advogadogoiania.cf/

Yesterday, 02/09/2020 I registered the domain http://advogadoimobiliariogoias.com/ in LOCAWEB

In this case, I wanted to replace the old domain with the most recent one (.com)

So I pointed the NameServers on the right path and parked the newest Domain (.com) next to the initial domain (.cf).

however, when trying to enter the latest domain (.com)
the following message appears:

When verifying the domain, it shows that everything is fine.

What should I do for the .com domain
have access to all the content of my old domain?

Just remembering that the old domain (.cf) is working normally, but I WANT to use only the newer domain (.com) which by the way is not working.

Can you help me?

The DNS propagation completed, but your .com domain have SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT. Can you recreate your SSL certificate for your .com domain?

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I am not sure how to make this change.

Unfortunately, I am very lay about programming. I only know what I see on youtube.

What do you recommend me?

The SSL Certificate is free and I installed it through a youtube tutorial that showed how to install it through Certificates Provided by INFINITYFREE itself.

Could you tell me how to proceed?

I see you did install an SSL certificate for advogadogoiania.cf, but not for advogadoimobiliariogoias.com. Please note that an SSL certificate is only valid for the domain name it’s issued for. Additional domain names need their own SSL certificates.


Thank you very much for the personal information!

However, would it be possible for me to delete the .com domain and create a new website with this domain only?

I was thinking of making a clone of the site “.CF” and using it as “advogadoimobiliario.com” in a new account.

It would be possible?

If by “website” you mean “account”, then yes, you can do that. Assuming you have less than three hosting accounts right now, otherwise you can’t create any additional accounts.

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Thank you very much!

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