Hello Admin,

I’m getting DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Problem since 3 days. I dn’t know why It is occur. Site was running perfectly but Suddenly I have deleted all CNAME Record’s. After this I m regularly getting this error…??

Please help me as soon as possible…

I will be highly thankful to you

Domain Name : http://paptwa.com/


This site can’t be reached

paptwa.com ’s server IP address could not be found.

  • [Try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).


Create two CNAME records, one with the name of @ and value of the Main Domain that you can find on the Control Panel, then another one with the name of www and value @. Save the changes and wait for DNS propagation.

Can you share example…Like

you mean…
: [email protected]

@ equals to paptwa.com; www equals to www.paptwa.com. The Main Domain on the Control Panel should look like abcd1234.epizy.com.

My main domain is : xoeqrb7c.epizy.com

The first CNAME record will have as name paptwa.com and the value you’ve posted; the second one will have as name www.paptwa.com and value paptwa.com.

please check it is correct or not…

Do it on the domain registrar’s panel or on Cloudflare’s dashboard! Remove the CNAME records from the Panel now.

domain registrar’s panel = on the domain server

I dn’t know about Cloudflare’s…And i dn’t have account…Can i sign up …

You need to go on where you’ve registered your domain and change the DNS records from there.
To use CloudFlare, you can sign up from here and change the nameservers, on where you’ve registered your domain, to CloudFlare ones.

My Nameservers

Change the nameservers to Cloudflare ones after you’ve configured Cloudflare with the DNS records.

Dashboard look like this…Can you suggest me for next step ??

You enabled CloudFlare in the cPanel! Now disable it from the Panel, then go to dash.cloudflare.com, add the domain again selecting the Free plan and adding the DNS records on the post 2 and changing the nameservers to their, removing the other ones.

It is already disabled.

Follow the steps on my fourteenth post.


It is show Active ??? How to remove this one…


see error…when i m trying to add…

Just click on it, scroll down and click on “Remove Site from Cloudflare”. Then click on “Add Site” and re-add it, but NOT with the www. part, only your domain!

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Add website without “www” … Just type paptwa.com

I) Then you just enter details as shown below and to add CNAME just type www in first field and @ in the second field.

II) Next, Add the NS records in the domain registrar where you had purchased the domain

This is how I add my website.