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smtp; 550 4.4.7 Message expired: unable to deliver in 840 minutes.<421 4.4.1 Failed to establish connection>

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Hi, I’m new here and I don’t know the first thing about code or DNS or website coding, but here’s my problem, analysed by people that do know:
My domain is bought through Gandi. I tried to add my one email address on that domain to my email clients - Outlook and Gmail. It didn’t work - my emails to the address keep on bouncing. I have had lengthy discussions with Gandi about what possibly could have gone wrong since I didn’t receive my echo.co.com emails anywhere - not in their webmail and not in my two email clients. After some deeper diagnostics (obviously after securing that I had used the right setting etc) and deleting the accounts in my email clients, changing password, all kinds of tricks - it still doesn’t work. Finally they saw it: the DNS doesn’t work and that is due to my website in InfinityFree. In my infinity free account, I get the above error message and now I have no idea what to do. Anybody out there that would be able to guide me? I am starting up a new little business and would need my email address to work… Thanks in advance! /Peppa

InfinityFree only provides free web hosting.
You may need to revert to Gandi nameservers and add in the following A record, pointing to for your base domain and www subdomain


Thanks so much for answering!
I’ll try that but just one question first:
Initially they said this:
Please ask them to ensure that these DNS records are well set , it is mandatory for the email to work :

@ 10800 IN MX 10 spool.mail.gandi.net.
@ 10800 IN MX 50 fb.mail.gandi.net.
and one more that I can’t add because I’m a new user and seem to be able to add only 2

Does that tell you anything?
Should I get back to them with the A record that you sent anyway?



Here’s this last one:

@ 10800 IN TXT “v=spf1 include:_mailcust.gandi.net ?all”

Sorry, I didn’t see your answer. Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, I’ll do that.

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Website URL


Error Message

We found a problem with your email address!

We need a valid email address to keep you informed about the status of your services. Some functionality has been disabled until you’ve fixed this. Please check your profile for more information.

Other Information

Hi! My domain is bought through Gandi. The DNS doesn’t work and that is due to my website in InfinityFree, Gandi says. In my infinity free account, I get the above error message.
I got the advice from a nice person on this forum to have Gandi

add in the following A record, pointing to for your base domain and www subdomain.

Gandi has done so. I still get the same error message in Infinityfree. Gandi comments:

I can see that the records requested by infinityfree are already created on the domain name and that they are resolving:

@ 10800 IN A
www 10800 IN A

If the service is still not working as expected please contact your provider infinityfree and ask them if there is any other record needed.

Does anybody have any idea of what I could do?


Your website is working for me:

Try clearing your DNS cache

you should also update the email in your InfinityFree profile


When I try the IP address, there is no page there. What is the domain name?
We can check your DNS setting with the name.
I’m not sure if you are also having an email problem & presumably with this new domain purchased through Gandi (whatever that is). If so, did you setup an email service to host your email? DId you create MX records? You cant use an email without these basic things.

That’s normal, thousands of websites are hosted on that IP, so accessing it directly should not return the page.

Top of OPs post

Am I missing something here? The top part about the email address is from InfinityFree, not the registrar, and has nothing to do with the domain nor email services for it.


Geez, Im sorry Greenreader9, I should have paid more attention to the post. He said he bought a domain name and that threw me off.



Do that


Dear KangJL, either I don’t understand what you are saying, or I have expressed myself poorly. I have submitted a valid email address, it works everywhere else. Or did you mean something else?

Hi Greenreader, yes the website is working, but I seem to have misplaced the Wordpress password (:frowning: ) and when I try to recover it, it says that the email address (yes, it’s connected to the domain, I only mentioned it bc of the Gandi business) is not valid and that I would need to update it. It all seems to connect back to the error message in IF. In other words, I can’t build my website without that bloody email address being accepted in IF. Frustrating. Thanks for the advice, I’ll try to figure out how to clear the DNS cache.

So where did you see this error?

You can do it this way


Yes, the problem is that I can’t reset it. Right now, I can’t even log in to IF for some reason. Nothing works. This is what it looks like when I try to log in to the site through wp-admin

The article is great, thanks, but with the risk of sounding extra flakey I have to admit to have misplaced the username I used as well. I saved it (I could have sworn by it since I was very particular about it) in both Bitwarden and in the Mac keychain, but it’s not there. Obviously something has gone wrong, perhaps myself :p. Either way, this is where I’m stuck. I can’t log in to the dashboard, I don’t have an FTP, I don’t have MyAdmin, I don’t have MySQL, and for the WP Cli I seem to need to be logged in, if I understand it correctly. I COULD take a chance, but I risk @ing it up completely if I do the emergency password reset. Thanks for putting up with me!

To answer your question about the email address - I got the error message on the IF dashboard - when I could still log in there.

I emptied the cache and sent the verification email again and IT WORKED!
Thank you all for that.
I still have the problem with Wordpress but I don’t think this is the right forum for that.
Thanks all for all your great ideas and support. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: