DNS not resolving

My site is http://www.aquaguard-ro-service-center.in
When I try to add the domain to Cloudflare it is giving the error DNS not resolved.
Checked the nameserver from DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool and it is resolving NS for only 3 locations.
Why is DNS not resolving for most other locations?

Looks ok to me


click this link below, its showing that your site is working pretty well around the world

Check DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool
Name server showing all red.

Cloudflare use this to add domain…
when i try to add site to cloudflare that say domain not registered yet.

That’s not how DNS propagation works. Where you are in the world is basically irrelevant.

Looking at that message and the results from whatsmydns.net, it would seem that your domain isn’t being resolved properly by the registry. It seems to be better now though.

But please understand that this is something between Cloudflare and possibly your registrar. We cannot tell you why Cloudflare thinks your domain is not registered when we’re not Cloudflare and we’re not responsible for your domain name registration.


oh sorry if I got things wrong, when i posted the link it was showing all green with ns1.epizy.com, ns2.epizy.com except china and canada in red
I assumed that the countrys were using their local dns and had been updated.

Again, that’s not how DNS works.

The DNS resolver you’re using is a network setting, it’s not really related to location. It’s usually provided by your ISP, and can be overriden by yourself. Different ISPs and different DNS operators will have different results in the same country. Your home WiFi, your school or work network and your mobile network will likely all have different DNS resolvers and different results.


thanks for explaining that, sorry im a bit of a noob sometimes

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