DNS NameServers not working? (GoDaddy)

Hi, can someone Help me, i added my NameServers from infinityfree to godaddy, then i parked the domain on infinityfree , then i entered im the WordPress general setting and put my domain there. Did i done something wrong? I waited 48 hours, i asked GoDaddy Support and they told me to ask my Hosting

Rule of thumb, no clear info results in nothing. PLease give your domain name.



So you are changing nameservers from IF to godaddy? Also your domain content seems against the terms of service (crypto related)

i added my nameservers from IF to GoDaddy

can you send a pic of your godaddy nameserver setting?

This is it

So why have you not set GoDaddy nameservers? When moving from IF to GoDaddy, change nameservers to those of GoDaddy.

The OP wants to park the domain here. He is saying that it has bought from GoDaddy

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I dont undestand what you want to say, I mean I just put my nameservers from IF to GoDaddy

@Enter2017, is the below correct?

You bought the domain from GoDaddy
You want to use InfinityFree for hosting

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@Greenreader9 Yes, i bought the domain from godaddy and i use infinityfree for hosting,

I see the domain on your infinityfree account. Also your website is live!

Ok. It looks like you are using the correct nameservers, so what error massage are you getting?

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Im not getting any errors, i mean i just dont see my website that i built on Infinity INTO my domain

Try clearing your cache?

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