DNS Management at Infinity free

I am trying to connect UCraft where I am creating my website with cloudflare. My domain name is provided by google (thrifti.app) and my host is infinity free.I need to update DNS as per the instructions given in the screenshot, can you please help?

But did you use the cPanel integration of Cloudflare, or the one on dash.cloudflare.com?

I need to change the DNS servers as per the instruction provided above and I am not able to do so via cloudflare

Then remove the domain from the cPanel integration of Cloudflare, and follow the instructions that I picked up from the uCraft Knowledge Base.

I have done that and I have updated the name servers as instructed by cloudflare, please refer to attachment


second image

First disable the orange cloud on all the records. After some minutes / hours refresh the page of the Cloudflare dashboard. Change the SSL option to “Full” if it will be set to “Flexible” and enable the grey clouds (if they’re disabled before).

Do you mean on cloudflare? Where would I find the SSL option?

On the “Crypto” page, there will be the SSL option.

done. But i did not see the grey clouds, where do I find those?

There are in the form of orange clouds. As a tip, I suggest you disable them for some time otherwise you will get a “525 Error”. After the domain is added successfully on that system you can enable the grey clouds.

I see the orange cloud next to nameservers in this attachment but I dont know how to change it, can u pleae help

Please reload the page! Then you should go on the “DNS” page to find the actual ones.

got it done. Thank you. I am seeing this now, does it mean it is connected to cloudflare?

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Yes, it does. Now go to the “DNS” page and disable the orange clouds. If there are records that start with 185.27.134, delete them. Then check whether the domain is added on the uCraft dashboard correctly. If yes then enable the grey clouds and it’s now complete!

I m seeing this, could you please elaborate on what is meant by disabling the orange clouds, I dont see any but the first two records start with the numbers you have given

Where can I add the DNS records of Ucraft on cloudflare? the ones given in this attachment

Delete those, and create the A records for that that point to that IP and that have the orange cloud off.
The orange cloud means if the website is going to be secure with CloudFlare. If it’s off then it’s like a normal DNS management service; if it’s on then it acts as a reverse proxy between Cloudflare and the hosting servers.

U mean, delete the first two rows and add the A ones as indicated? Just to be sure.

Yes, I do.