Dns issues

DNS problem namecheap or hosting


This process is called domain propagation and can take up to 24 hours until your domain is visible everywhere on the internet. To speed up this process you can flush your DNS or change your DNS to a faster DNS Server.

I know i have waited 3 days now. But is working for others but not for me.

Then it is definitely your DNS. Flush it or change them.

What do you mean is my dns and about flushing the dns

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) gives you their DNS Service. Some are slow. You should probably go do a Google search looking how to Flush your DNS.

I just flushed my DNs with cmd and still seeing same thing

What is your domain?

I have it. I can reach your site. Try changing your DNS servers.

Google can help you.

Ok going to do that now.

I just changed my DNS and still wont work i have putted the cloudfare dns.

Then something is terribly going wrong on your side.

Please wait for up to three days for your domain name to start working. During these three days avoid changing the settings of your hosting account or domain name, because doing so may cause a change which resets this timer.

The hosting account which currently holds the account is less than two days old. So please be patient and wait at least another day.

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