Dns for free account, options?

Consultation on dns, I have a free account, from what I have read in the tutorials it is not possible to access a dns like cloudfare, do I have any other alternative ???

Hello there,

You can use Cloudflare to manage your DNS but it’s up to you to make sure that you’ve properly configured your DNS records.

You just need to go to the Cloudflare Dashboard directly and add your site there and make sure not to change your nameservers unless Cloudflare will ask you to do so, because Cloudflare will have to scan your existing DNS records here on InfinityFree (including your A, CNAME and etc DNS records).


Hello, I have difficulties to configure cloudfare, I pass you photos so that you see … until here I come …
Is there any alternative that through my email is redirected alone ??? If I can’t do this, what other alternative do I have? …1

Subdomains are not supported by Cloudflare.


so what can i do ???

Not use a subdomain, and bring your own domain instead?



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