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So recently I altered cloudflare on my account/domain! But I have a Minecraft server and would like to add the DNS A records and SRV records but, when I login to cloudflare it says my domain is hosted on byet.host and I can’t change the DNS on cloudflare but byet.host! Can someone tell me how to add the records!


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The reason you can’t add custom DNS records is because your domain name is using our nameservers with Cloudflare integration.

To fix this, you could disable our Cloudflare integration, sign up with Cloudflare yourself and add the domain there. Then, you can switch your domain to Cloudlare’s nameservers and take full control of your own DNS.

But it should be noted that full control comes with full responsibility too. If you break your DNS settings, that’s on you if you’re using your own nameservers.


ik but how would i link the domain to the site if i use cloudflare

That’s probably because you enabled Cloudflare in the Control Panel. The cloudflare control panel integration has limited features than using Cloudflare directly like editing DNS records is restricted.

Disable the Cloudflare integration first and add your site directly to the Cloudflare Dashboard. Just make sure to not change your nameservers first since Cloudflare will scan any existing DNS records that you have here on InfinityFree and once Cloudflare is done with that and prompts an instruction to change your nameservers then that’s when you should change your nameservers to Cloudflare.

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You link the domain to your account first and then switch it to Cloudflare.

It’s a bit finicky and not formally supported, but it’s the only way to add custom DNS records while hosting your website with us.


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