DKIM verification and change the host to cloudflare

Username (epiz_32459841) or Website URL

Hello, i need the DKIM for email verification but i see that i need to change the host (in godaddy to cloudflare ) i already connect it to Infinityfree, and i wanna ask if i change will i lose the design page bcs im using Epmriza theme with Infinityfree wordpress. Thank y’all


If you move your domain away from InfinityFree nameservers, you have about one month to reconnect it before your site is suspended for inactivity.

If you are using alternate nameservers (Like Cloudflare or GoDaddy), you can set an A record pointing to the IP address of your account in order for it to work properly.


so it’s okay if i move nameservers (GoDaddy to Cloudflare) but keep the A record ip with Infinityfree on Cloudflare, so my website will still appear with the design i did on infinityfree
Thank you



Thank you for your help :slight_smile:
im trying to change it on Godaddy and this message appear!! genericErrorMessage

That sounds like an issue with GoDaddy, try contacting their support desk


Thank you so much :pray:

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