Divi Builder loading forever error

manualias (digitechexpert.in)

I am using divi theme and builder to develop my site and I am not able to load divi builder in my website. Its keeps loading. When I checked with the support center, they gave me the following report

#Error Message

Could you please tell me how can I solve this divi builder loading issue?

There is nothing you can do about that :slight_smile:, You cannot change them values


When you say “Divi Builder”, do you mean the theme or the plugin?
I searched on Google about the plugin version and in fact, many similar issues were found. So if it’s the plugin, then google it. :slightly_smiling_face:

If your talking about the theme version, then it should work as I have tried it and it worked. Your theme may be corrupted and there’s nothing we can do here about that.

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I am talking about Divi theme only!
Let me reinstall divi theme one more time

The “error message” is just an indication that some of the time and size limits on PHP are lower than they would like. But that shouldn’t automatically cause the theme to be stuck in loading. It could either cause the builder to crash if it exceeds the limit, or just work fine.


Thank you so much for the response!
What do you suggest I do to improve my divi loading speed?

I may have the real cause for the loading issue. I found 8 issues while inspecting the page. The screenshot is attached below. the reason for not loading the theme is mainly caused by the mixed content (Some are loading from http and others are from https)
Anybody knows how to load all the content from https?


Seeing how you’re using both Cloudflare and WordPress, please verify your website is configured as described in this article:


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