Disk Qouta Full but i got many GB letf that what it says in control panel

My Website https://zypherleaks.42web.io has upload issues as i exceded the disk qouta and it says i got 3330 mb left someone help me pls


Please note that the control panel only updated that information once every 24 hours. Additionally, you may have hit the inode limit.


@Greenreader9 innode is on limit but i only got this one website

Hosting Account or website?

Every hosting account is counted separately


Forum like XenForum not recommended on free hosting. Your account may suspended due to limits hits.

Quota not only depends on size of file.its also depends on number of files and folder count.
Kindly check with it.


The disk usage limit is both on storage size (in GB) and on inodes. If you don’t know what an inode is, please see this article (spoiler: it’s not the number of sites):

If you need more inodes, please consider upgrading to premium hosting. Which considering that you paid $160 for a XenForo license should be a no-brainer.

And if you didn’t pay that for the license, please remember that using our hosting for pirated software is both illegal and strictly forbidden and will result in the termination of your account.

There are plenty of free forum options that also work very well, no need to become a criminal to create a forum.


I also have same issue I transfered WordPress total space on disc 300MBs, I have 4.68GB /5GB free, but even before all files are transferred, the inode limit 5000/3000 is passed and I can’t add a file, all files are not yet on server… Now it renders 5GB space useles
It’s a new account,I don’t have any other domain there…

Just googling if I can get another provider, cause I can’t upgrade cause of just such… I have not even tested it’s performance