Disk limit

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I have a question what is the disk limit??

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That’s capped at ~5GB

Officially there is no limit. Unofficially its 5GB. You can only have 30,000 files and folders on your account, and each file cannot be larger than 10mb.


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hiya : are you referring to disk space = 5GB or bandwidth?

So if we upgrade to Yearly Ultimate @ $95.88 per year, the stated plan below in Hosting plan is untrue?

Yearly Ultimate
Bandwidth Unlimited
Web Disk Space Unlimited, @ Yearly Ultimate @ $95.88 per year - thanks

and that i have a woman cloud file storage site and i wanted to know the disk limit that hosting for free

The topic is about disk space, so 5 GB refers to disk space.

This discussion is about InfinityFree’s free hosting. The limits on premium hosting work differently.

On premium hosting, there will almost surely be fair usage restrictions, but I don’t know what they are or how they are enforced.

For cloud storage sites, the limit is 0 bytes. We do not allow file hosting on our service.

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