[DISCUSSION] Server not Found (Mozilla) or ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED (Chrome) Error Topic

[center]ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED Error Discussion Topic[/center]

[center]Hello! Recently i ran across an error that many people are having problems with. On Google i found many topics, where people are having alot of trouble with this error. On Google Chrome browser it shows up as: ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED, but on Mozilla Firefox browser it shows up as: Server not found error.
This is quite a problem for me too, because recently my domain www.qubeox.com that i am hosting on GrendelHosting Premium, is displaying this error on any browser on my laptop. I know, that it’s not problem of my website because i can acess it throught my Android Phone and it’s working fine from there. So it’s my Computer’s fault.
So i have decitted to start a official topic regarding discussion of this error, to help people solve this error. First of, most common problem is misconfigured network, and if you’ll do search on Google you will find many blogs telling you to run some commands in CMD, but sometimes this doesn’t help you solve out this error.
In my case, this error shows up only when i visit my domain qubeox.com and other domains are working fine.
I made this thread so everyone on this community can discuss this error and maybe try to help me fix it.
I really hope that somebody is going to help me solve it out.
Like i mentioned before this thread is meant, so everyone can try to find and share various ways how to try to fix this error![/center]

Probably some DNS caching problems. Had the exact problem (ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED) on Firefox and Google Chrome when I migrated my domain here. My default DNS was unable to resolve my domain. After 24 hours my website was accessible again. (Without flushing or changing my the DNS server).

Was your Android phone on the same network? Did you accessed your website using an other network(3G or 4G)?

@Kacer I was using Public-WiFi when i tried to connect to my site throught my android phone. Ill do another test though, ill try to connect throught my Android Phone to my website while i’m connected to my home network’s WiFi router and see if its my network problem or my computer’s problem.

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Well, great news. Like @Kacer said, its matter of time. My website just started working on my computer too. So, if someone has been brought here throught Google search, i recommend you to wait because this error may fix itself within while!

This issue has to do with DNS propagation. This article accurately explains why it can take so long. However, it assumes you already know how DNS works and how your computer actually finds where it can find a website. If you don’t know that (or just want to freshen up your knowledge), this graphic will tell you the most important parts.