Well, I more likely have some sort of question.
When will the time come for us to install Discourse? Is there a way we could manually install it? It’s a good looking forum site. You guys use it aswel, could you guys please made a system for us to use it? Thank you!


I think it is Impossible for now and maybe in the future. Discourse uses Ruby on Rails, in which a free plan cant never get in InfinityFree. Sad to say…

Im not a staff here, so not sure if i will be correct or wrong.

You need a VPS in order to run Discourse. InfinityFree provides shared hosting not VPS. Even you need root access.
Never possible. Take Aws, DO, or Vultr etc.


Is there any good free hosting you recommend that can run discourse? If yes thank if you would wanna let me know one.

But hey, I mean the forum doesn’t matter then it’s just the Ui lookout is there a way i could make there css theme be the same for MyBB?

Many companies ofter free ‘tiers’ like AWS’s free year, a lot of people do offer free stuff.


I’m currently digging into this, so far I have found one free solution although you will need a credit card:

This allows me to make the forum?


Did that say… Always free? :joy:

Indeed it does.


Credit Card for what, I mean i have one but if it is free why’d they need it then?

According to them:

“You’ll need to have a credit card on file, but you’ll absolutely never be charged if you stick to the ‘always free’ services.”

This doesn’t accept Credit Card only MasterCard Amex and Visa.

Credit card types, Are like Visa, however I got declined, and get an error 2 times, and support told me to try again.

oof then

oracle is trusted but i dont have cc

You get access to their portal and can create however many servers of whatever size you wish, as well as databases, storage and other things. At the end of the month, you’ll be charged for what you’ve used, minus the free tier. If you stick with the free tier, you pay nothing.

But if you exceed the free tier, either by accident or on purpose, you’ll be charged for the extra.

Their business model is still to sell server space. So once you’re in, they want to make it as easy as possible to spend more money.


This is not exactly how oracle works.
Yes, this answer would be perfect for AWS or other systems not for oracle.
Because My friend has personally used Oracle Clouds and Always Free means free, they had not paid anything yet.

The only thing is bandwidth, which can be set using 50% and 90% reminders.

I’ve also used Oracle Cloud. This is exactly how it works. This is what I wrote about it:

To clarify that last sentence: “if you use less than what’s provided by the free tier, you pay nothing”. If your friend has not exceeded the free tier, they haven’t had to pay anything yet.

And it should also be noted that new registrations can typically get some free credit to use with these services, which may have allowed them to exceed the Always Free tier initially.