Discourse forum installation

Me and a friend wanted to create a forum using discourse but we cannot do it. Can anyone please help installing it?

Discourse is developed with your own servers in mind and cannot be installed here. If you want your own server, please use a Linux installation, or host it via DigitalOcean’s cloud computing platform ($5 every month).

But what is the best alternative as I am sick of vanilla

And I dont want phpbb or. Mybb

SMF (Simple Machine Forums) will be the choice for you, if you already know how to install a forum software.

Please note that i want responsive design

Please choose one of the softwares you can find on this top 9.

Ill just use codoforum

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Discourse is amazing software, but it is written with Ruby on Rails and the recommended setup (also used for this forum) uses Docker. It’s also needs various databases which are not provided by most web hosting providers. I don’t know if there is any web hosting provider in the world which could even support Discourse, but having a VPS for this is definitely the recommended method.

This forum was first built on Codoforum, then migrated to Vanilla and now running on Discourse. I don’t know how Codoforum is doing now, but at the time, it was quite buggy and incomplete software. Vanilla is not perfect either, but it was much better than Codoforum.

You may also want to check out Flarum. It’s currently still in beta and limited in features, but they share many design philosophies with Discourse.

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Codoforum.v.4.7.0 works fine. It is slow but cloudflare fixed that problem. Screenshot by Lightshot

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Flarum wont work with infinityfree. It needs ssh acces

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Someone made a script that works without SSH. https://discuss.flarum.org/d/5731-pockethold-a-web-based-installer

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but it wont work here

That doesnt work here

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