Discord Bot Stats

I am trying to add my bot’s stats on my website and idk what should i do. I am waiting your help. Thanks.

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I am sorry you can’t do this in Freehosting.
Discord Api access is blocked in IF due to abuse.



You can use an outside API to monitor your Discord Bot, for example, I use uptimerobot.com to keep my bot online & get its status.

You can see an example here: https://apis.tbmproduction.com/disc/bot


Thanks for reply but i am already using vps for keep it online, but i want to add a page for bot stats. But i think free hosting doesn’t allow.

Like I said, you can use an outside API to monitor your bot. Just because you host it on a VPS Server, doesn’t mean you can’t use an outside API.

Can you please provider A LOT more details about this bot integration and what’s not working about it?

Where does this bot run? How does the bot expose stats? How are you trying to retrieve those stats? What do you see on your website when you try to retrieve the stats?

I can probably tell you if this integration could work or not, and point you in the right direction to make it work. But then I do need to understand how this bot integration is supposed to work.


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