Disc quota on an unlimited account?

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

Response: 553 Can’t open that file: Disk quota exceeded
Error: Critical file transfer error

I’m using this software:


Additional information:

When I tried to upload files for my website, I keep getting a “disc quota exceeded” error. How can this be, as the webspace should be unlimited? Please advise.



I find it funny to hit an “inode limit” on an UNLIMITED account. Anyway, that is not the reason for my troubles. The inode counter shows 6 out of 30019. The actual file count is somewhere close to 5,000.
Please advise.

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It is not really unlimited and it shouldn’t be too. Server cannot handle these much files if there not be control on file numbers.

The inode counter is bugged. That it doesn’t show the actual number.

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I’d be ok with a 30,000 file limit. the problem is: I am nowhere near that limit. I can count files before upload and Filezilla can count files on the server. The actual number is somewhere around 5,000. Why do I reach a “disc quota” of 30,000?

Can it? FileZilla (or any FTP client) would need to traverse all directories to do this, and this would be quite slow on a large account. To my knowledge, FileZilla doesn’t do this.

I’d be happy to recount the files for myself, but I see you’ve already deactivated the account, so I can’t access the files anymore.


I’ve similar thing running currently.
(Inodes Used 100 % (29942 of 30019))
I delete two sub-domains, the WordPress (test installation) and a forum system in the root. What’s left is one gallery. Here I deleted 80% of the images and took another look at the inodes used. And guess what? Nothing is changed, the number still shows 29942 of 30019.

Maybe the cpanel needs time to count that number? So yes, when? How many times per day, week, month?

In that case, don’t call it UNLIMITED.
And in normal operational systems, that number for inodes (30019) is really low. No, it’s just like other providers, they like to show how good it is, except later after registration and doing the investment of the website you find out the little things, like with WP the reduced data-connections per page, here the inodes, etc.

But with the 32K inodes limit, you still can do great things, but not all things :innocent::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It was 80000 inodes years ago. But it became this value after InfinityFree became popular. It’s because to we do not have slow speed site :grin:

it’s still unlimited to me.

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I call this false advertising. I moved my site out of here. You can cancel my account.

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