Disabling Two-Factor Authentication for My Old Account

Hi. I created this account (JamesNightlife2) to inform the @Admin that I cannot access my old account. (The email address ending with at outlook dot com, contain the epiz_26468070 hosting accounts.) Because I accidentally transfered data to my new phone without backing up my authenticator app, so I don’t have an authentication code to sign into that account. I would like to disable my old account’s two factor authentication to access that account.

I’m looking forward to the admin’s reply.



When you turned on two-factor authentication, you were given a few backup codes to store in a secure location, correct? You can use one of those codes to log in to your account.

If you don’t have those codes, try to gain access to your old phone, and open the authenticator app.

If none of those options work, sorry, but you cannot access your account. There is absolutely no point in having two-factor authentication if it is bypassed by a simple request on the Forum, especially if we have no way to verify that you actually own the account. I know you were warned of this when you turned the option on in the beginning.


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