Disabling gzip compression

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epiz_31064827 (https://techflash.infinityfreeapp.com)

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Garbled mess when trying to load other website using PHP

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I want to disable gzip because the site that I am using this server as a proxy to another one of my websites. Should the server be down, it displays a local HTML file. However, I already am using custom PHP scripts on the other server in order to gzip it’s files. So when I try to print() the request, it just comes out as a garbled mess, as it’s printing gzip data, and then gziping that and sending it off the browser. When it decompresses it, it would still be gzip data.

Also I forgot to mention that disabling the gzip within the other server is not an option, as the server runs on my home internet, which is unbearably slow, so every byte that can be saved must be.

I think that violates the TOS. You may want to read it again.


Yikes, I just realized that, my bad then, I will find another hosting provider.

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