Disabling Cloudflare

I enabled and then disabled Cloudflare on a domain “gashowiz.xyz”. When I go to cPanel Cloudflare Manager and click on “Alter Cloudflare”, it says that CloudFlare is “Currently Disabled”.

But when I go to CloudFlare account, it says that CloudFlare is “Active” on “gashowiz.xyz”.

When I go to https://gashowiz.xyz, it seems that CloudFlare’s SSL is no longer working, so I guess DNS records are successfully propagated. The problem is I can’t seem to set my email forwarders back as they used to be before I activated CloudFlare, so I’m not entirely sure is there anything else that should be done to make it all like it was before I even activated CloudFlare?

There are two ways you can use Cloudflare with a website hosted with us. You can use our control panel integration, or you can sign up with Cloudflare directly and use their nameservers.

The Alter Cloudflare button in the control panel is our integration. That’s disabled for your domain, and that’s perfectly fine.

In Cloudflare, you’ve added your domain name and enabled Cloudflare. However, for those settings to do anything, your domain name must use Cloudflare’s nameservers.

But right now, gashowiz.xyz is using our nameservers, not Cloudflare’s nameservers, which means the domain is not handled by Cloudflare at all, which means you don’t get Cloudflare’s SSL and Cloudflare settings don’t affect your domain.

There are two ways you can fix this:

  • You can go to your domain registrar and switch your domain to use Cloudflare’s nameservers (check Cloudflare’s panel for the right values).
  • You can enable the Cloudflare integration in the control panel.

Each of these methods has it’s pros and cons, it’s up to you which method you prefer. Just make sure you don’t do both, or it will likely break your site.

@Admin, thanks for your reply.

I do have another question, sorry if I bother too much.

Since your free mail server is still under issues, and since I never managed to access Webmail page through InfinityFree Cpanel, I never created any e-mail account on your mail server. I did however created Forwarders with source address forwarded to the Gmail address. In a seven day testing period I never had any issues with Forwarders to Gmail, all messages were successfully delivered. I expected to lose mail if not because of mail server issues, then because of Gmail blocking Forwarders.

My question is this: am I just lucky I had no issues for now? Is this kind of configuration something that cannot be recommended at this time?

I just checked the webmail issue earlier today, and it appears that iFastNet changed the webmail URL without notice. If you click the button from the client area right now, it should work.

As to why the forwarding works, that’s just luck I suppose! If it works for you, then feel free to keep using it, but I cannot guarantee that Gmail won’t suddenly reject forwarded messages again.

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