DirectoryIndex not working on subdirectory

Hi, DirectoryIndex index.php is not working on my subdirectory. i have added the htaccess rule but it doesn’t work. Anyone have any solutions?

Url of subdirectory plz?


I can see like this:

Check your htaccess to see are there anything that prevents indexing, or add this to your htaccess inside that directory:

DirectoryIndex index.php

If it didn’t work, maybe post here content of htaccess so we can check?


doesn’t work, I only have “DirectoryIndex index.php” written in htaccess.

Where are you hosting that site exactly? I can’t find the domain on any of your accounts. Can you please share the username of the account which holds that domain?

i am running that on my own reseller hosting by ifastnet

Right. Please note that this forum is intended for people who host their websites on InfinityFree. You’re of course free to post here, just keep in mind that this is a forum for a specific hosting company, not a generic (free) hosting forum.


But they’re basically the same hosting provider. i use infinity free too

There is a difference IFastNet is the one where you pay for it. Infinityfree is sponsored by IFastNet but that doesn’t mean it employed by Ifastnet itself. Basically Infinityfree != IFastNet. Also if you are a reseller, you work for yourself.

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so, I fixed the site. I deleted the .htaccess up one level which had “DirectoryIndex index.html” so, now it worked.

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