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Calls to my domain go to a Directory Listing Page. I have checked the knowledge base and can confirm that th entie wesie is in htdocs as well as htaccess showing index.php. index,html, intdex.htm and index2.html. The latter two do not exist on my site.
I must have something wrong in my set up. Can anyone advise me how to sort this out. Thanks.

You will need to upload your website files on with a FTP client in order for your website to be shown on that domain.


Please check your client area, find your account and click “Open in File Manager” next to your domain name. That will launch you into the file manager into the root directory of the domain. From there, you can see if you uploaded any files to the right directory. At the top of the screen, you can also see the path of the current folder.

Please make sure that the folder you uploaded files to is also the folder your domain name is linked to.

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Thank you for your reply. As I suspected, there are two places where files can be uploaded. the 1st is ‘Hone, htdocs’ which has one line “files for your website should be uploaded here!” This is where I uploaded my files.
The 2nd is /bicesterpioneer-rotary/htdocs. This has also one line “htaccess” only.
I have uploaded the files to this 2nd place and I am happy to say it is working.
May I sugges some adjustment be made so the 1st place is not used for uploading files.

The first htdocs is reserved folder for your first (sub)domain when you created your hosting account.
& others htdocs (usually are for your another (sub)domains that you added on Addon/Subdomain Menu.
Those htdocs folder or the folder contain it can’t be deleted.


Thank you for your explaination. I would still be confused by the the line in the 1st htdocs.

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