Directory Listing

My website is:
a godaddy domain connected trough Cloudflare.

What I’m seeing is:
Directory Listing page.

My suggestion:

  • I see a index2.html in the htdocs folder should this be changed to index.html?

You need to upload your website files to yourdomain/htdocs folder with a FTP client, where yourdomain can be replaced with your domain, if you added the domain from the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel.

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Thanks for your answer,

I have made the website trough softaculous - Wordpress. I have installed FileZilla, what are the next steps? Sorry this is first time for me.

Do you have WordPress files on the old htdocs folder? If yes, uninstall WordPress through Softaculous and reinstall it on the domain you added. If you wanted to upload your website files or other CMSs (if you know how to install them manually), you just need to configure FileZilla to use as host, as port 21 and as username and password the ones you can find by logging into your Client Area, clicking on the hosting account that has your domain in it, scrolling down to “FTP Details” and clicking on “Show/Hide” to show the password. After that go to yourdomain/htdocs and drag your website files / the files inside the extracted folder of your CMS on the right tab of FileZilla. If your website / CMS requires a database, create one from the “MySQL Databases” section of the Control Panel, and use from that section the database host and name. The username and password for the database are the same as FTP ones, so you can use the same credentials as the FTP username and password to connect to the database. Insert all these data in the database configuration file (usually named config.php, dbconfig.php or wp-config.php in WordPress case, or integrated in the installer; in the latter you need to go to http://yourdomain to start the installation process and, if asked, put the database details).

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When you reinstall Wordpress-Softaculous does this mean I lose the website I have made?

Yes, you will. But if you want to not lose all the data you made, try to copy the WordPress files from the htdocs folder to your domain’s htdocs folder with a FTP client, then edit the siteurl and home values on your database’s phpMyAdmin on the wp-options table or whatever it may be to include your domain name and not the old one and execute the query of that.

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I think I rather start over then… Sadly.

But thank you for your help!

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