Directory listing problem

Hi there, I have been reading the forum and have changed my homepage to index.html. I still get the directory listing appear when I open my website on explorer and on chrome and on chrome I seem to still get my homepage before I edited it, explorer seems up to date compared to Chrome.
I then also get the problem when i open the directory listing page on any of my pages on explorer they work but my menu will only link to my travel page and any others come up with an error 404 page. Any help would be very much appreciated I have spent hours on this.

unix based system is case-sensitive
Index.html is not same as index.html

use lowercase letters !

for other problems
PATH is wrong in your code (all is located in folder “Main website”)

also for the folders name do not use the space (Main website)

fix = cut all from folder (Main website) and paste all files where is index.html

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Did you do correct htaccess configuration?

Thanks for your replies and thanks OxyDac for your fix, this is my first time coding a website so I am a still very much in the learning phase.
I will also check out the htaccess configuration and see whats up with that.
Thanks guys.

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