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Yes, I have an index.php folder so that’s not the issue.
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The index shouldn’t be a folder, but a file inside the htdocs folder.

Yeah that’s what I meant

Did you put it in the htdocs folder?


Clear your browser cache.

It still doesn’t work.

Here, you can see that I have an index file.

You need to upload all website files to in order for your website to work.


What do you mean? Do I have to copy this htdocs folder and put it in the folder?

Yes, each website has it’s own htdocs folder. Put the index.php in the folder for the website you want.

It kinda works but my site looks like this

You will also have to change the website URL from to from the database of your software.

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Also, for future reference, you can easily see whether you’ve uploaded the files to the right directory from the client area.

In the client area, you can click the account and see a panel Domain Names. If you click the Open in File Manager button, you’ll be brought to the folder of that domain the file manager. Is the folder empty? Then you haven’t uploaded your files to the right directory. And the right directory will be displayed at the top of the screen.


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