Directory Listing for MVC app

Hi there ! As i see there are lot of posts about Directory Listing when you open my domain .
My website is made in MVC and all the suggestions point to add index.html/index.php file …does that also applied in my case?

Hmm. yes. Unless you index another file name on .htaccess file.

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Well shouldn’t the Webconfig file already handle that?

It previously creates index2.html(read only i think) that you need to delete it then create a index.html/.php

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But MVC apps dont use .html/.php files .

Our servers don’t recognize web.confg files.

PHP apps use .php files, regardless of which project structure or design patterns they use. Naming some classes models, views or controllers does not change this fundamental aspect of the programming language.

If your application needs some kind of special routing, you can do that with .htaccess rules. Most, if not all, web frameworks come with example .htaccess files you can use to setup the routing.


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