Directory address format

My website is and when I run it locally it loads the script, but when I try to access it online, only the header text works, anything that needs files to be accessed is not working.
So I was wondering what is the directory address structure? Is this correct? “\\htdocs\webabx.css”

On Linux systems, even the InfinityFree servers, the directory structure is like /this/is/your/path, not \this\is\your\path.

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Thanks for the tip, but the script is still not working while it works just fine locally. When I specify the directory on the server, what’s the equivalent of C:? Like the starting point of the address?

The mount point of a Linux hard drive is /mnt. The directory for your user on Linux is like /home/user.
I recommend, seen that in the server I consider htdocs as the root directory, to include the files with include "./{yourfile}"; if your index is located in the same directory as the file, include "/{yourfile}"; if the index is located in another directory and the file is on the root, or include "../{yourfile}"; if the file is up the directory on where the index file is.

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…and now I keep getting a 403 error just trying to post here

Try to post your code on a pastebin, like or, and then post a link in this forum. This is recommended for some new users and members.

Remove and type attributes from your code.

Thank you man, it’s working now. Just to be sure, everytime I update something I need to reupload the FTP, right?

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After that the Monsta FTP has started working on new accounts, you can even use that, or use the “Online File Manager” to edit files.

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