Digital certificate error

when I go to load the private key and the digital certificate, an error page appears saying that the infrmated key is not valid and that the certificate does not belong to my domain. how to solve? (it was done in another browser and all cache was cleared and the problem continues)

First, paste the private key and then press the Upload Key button.

Then, scroll down and paste your certificate from the client area. Tap on the Upload Certificate button. Do these instructions help you? I believe you messed things up?

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Estou seguindo esse processo, só que logo em seguida aparece a pagina de erro.

segue a sequência feita:

Ahh, there we go! It’s your translator replacing the certificate starts. Could you disable your translator and try copying them again?


how is this key not valid if i just generated it? can i delete this key and generate another one? repeating the process? would it solve?

Please read my edited reply :top:

OK! I’ll try!


Because a private key starts with the line BEGIN PRIVATE KEY, not INICIAR CHAVA PRIVADA. Your browser’s automatic translator is editing the private key text, making it no longer valid.

So disabling the automatic translation will definitely help.


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