Did everything, the site does not work

Hello, I uploaded all the files, created the database, imported into the database, registered the database name, login, password in the files, everything is correct, but the site does not work, please help!

How it doesn’t work? is this inaccessible?

You yourself check if the site does not work!

This site cannot provide a secure connection. Mykino.epizy.com sent an invalid response.

You would have to install a SSL certificate on your website, but it isn’t available for installation on free subdomains. So, you would have to change the website URL from the database’s phpMyAdmin to have a HTTP URL instead of a HTTPS one, or remove a .htaccess rule that redirects your website to HTTPS, but that depends on the software you’re running.

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I do not know how to do this, please do it you!

Everything, I fixed it myself, thank you all, admin, please close this topic!

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