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Yesterday i got an e-mail saying i have used 50% of my cpu usage. Today i got an email saying i have used all my cpu usage and my account is suspended for 24 hours. But the problem is that i just have word-press website and subdomain with no more than 10 pages. How it is possible that this is consuming all the cpu power because of which my account is suspended. The website is still under development and not yet known to many people. Please help me to solve this issue.

WordPress is sometimes known as a CMS that uses too much CPU, even though you have less plugins and some pages. Try to install and enable a caching plugin like WP Super Cache after the website is reactivated to see if that solves the issue; if that doesn’t solve the issue, try to install a plugin called “Heartbeat Control” that permits you to deactivate or limit the heartbeat API of WordPress.

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Thankyou @Ergastolator1 will try this solution.

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