Dev Tool Error

After uploading my website i’m getting all this warning. How can i solve this warning?


Did you try Googling the error messages?

Well, I see a bunch of different warnings, not just one, there.

  • The “Cross-Origin Read Blocking” is hard to debug without knowing the actual error message and URL being used. If I had to guess, I would guess that these URLs are 404 pages, because the original URL was invalid.
  • The “DevTools failed to parse SourceMap” warnings can be ignored if you don’t know what both of those things are. If so, you don’t need them and won’t notice they are missing.
  • The “[Violation]” lines seem to be some best practice violation of the script in question, which is jQuery in this case. I’m not much of a jQuery expert, but I would guess updating jQuery would help. But again, it’s a warning, not an error, so it’s not likely to break anything.
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