Deprecated create dynamic data

So you said your other subdomain works fine, correct?

Can you check your other subdomain’s PHP Version, and the php version of the domain that is not working?


Yes, same version

Can you put this code into both of your domains

<?php phpinfo(); ?>
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What you’re seeing is the hardcoded value of the Control Panel, not the actual version. To see the actual version, please create with the File Manager on the hosting account where the domain (and not the free subdomain) is on a file called phpinfo.php with this content:


which is the same @SpookyKipper posted.


Look at and the same code in this host.
First not work with error deprecated create dynamic …
Second run OK !!

Do it.

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Looking at the errors thrown, seems there are just undefined variables to be causing the issue


As you can read on your website:

Your server uses PHP version 8.2.11

You are on PHP 8.2. Please adapt your software to it.

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In, phpinfo say php 8.2.x but un panel say 7.4.8, howto be this?, in the php is 7.4.8 in phpinfo and panel

This is a problem, panel say othe info version…

This is hard coded in vpanel, phpinfo shows the correct version.


How to try php 7.4.8 in host???
Or can’t ?, in panel not have this option

The panel information is incorrect, just like you were told above. Using phpinfo() is the safest way to determine your current PHP version.

My guess is that the panel has not been updated because the upgrade is still ongoing:

You cannot, unfortunately. PHP 7.4 has been EOL for quite a long while, and is considered unsafe to use; and PHP version selection is available only in premium hosting.


It is not that hard to make your code work on PHP 8.2


I don’t have to modify my code because infinitefree arbitrarily changes the PHP version without prior notice and leaves the WEB site hanging.

NOW WORK OK THE SONDIFUZO.COM WEB, What have they done for it?

There is literally a whole topic announcing it…

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I see where things are going, I’ll have to make the paid version to put the version I want when I want and how I want… Anyway, for some reason they have bombarded me with emails telling me to upgrade to the paid version…

I’ll adapt my code to 8.2.x so I don’t have any more problems or I’ll pay for hosting that saves me time and effort…


But why is PHP ignoring the E_DEPRECATED directive here? I’m using the below code to hide these depreciated warnings but they’re being shown despite that. Does this particular PHP version override the given directives and still reports this error?

error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE ^ E_WARNING ^ E_DEPRECATED);



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