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I want to deploy a Laravel App
I am facing a bellow problem

  1. Unable to execute command line parameter
  2. unable to clone the git repository with PHP script. (so all upload full local project directory through FTP)
  3. unable to set root path (laravel requires to set root path to ‘<project_path>/public’ directory
  4. unable to set permission to full access to the ‘<project_path>/storage’ path as it contains user uploads and application log files
  5. Unable to create a symbolic link for ‘storage’ as it requires for user file uploads.

You need to run the commands on your local machine, then upload the resulting files. You cannot build the project on free hosting as CLI access is prohibited.


That’s correct, support for Git and SSH is not that common with web hosting, and not supported with our hosting. The solution, as you said, is:

That’s also correct. The common way to setup a Laravel site on our hosting is to upload the entire project to the htdocs folder of your site, and setup a .htaccess file to route all requests to the public folder.

If you upload your project to the htdocs folder, your PHP code will be able to access the storage folder.

It should be possible to do this with .htaccess rules too. All you would need to do is redirect all paths starting with /storage/ to the /storage/public/ folder instead of the /public/ folder.

I don’t have an example for this myself, but I can help you create it if you’re unable to find the solution yourself.


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