Deploying github php code?

Any way on how to deploy github php code or source code? Like this.

cd /path/to/public_html
git clone min
cd min
composer install --no-dev
cd /path/to/public_html
mkdir min
cp ${MINIFY}example.index.php ${MIN}index.php
cp ${MINIFY}.htaccess ${MIN}
cp ${MINIFY}config.php ${MIN}
cp ${MINIFY}groupsConfig.php ${MIN}
cp ${MINIFY}quick-test.js ${MIN}
cp ${MINIFY}quick-test.css ${MIN}

I’m so sorry for this, I just don’t really know on how to deploy github codes using infinity hosting. Thank you, I really need this help.

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Those instructions assume you have SSH access to the target server, and that the target server has Composer and Git installed. All of those things are sadly not true on our hosting. iFastNet’s premium hosting has a Git Deploy feature which can be used to do this, but full SSH support is only present on their business hosting plans.

However, while you can’t run Composer itself on our servers, you can run Composer dependencies. Instead of running those commands on the server, you can run them on your own computer, and then upload the cloned files and the generated vendor folder over FTP.

Also, FYI, these are not “GitHub codes”. These are Git repositories with Composer dependencies. There is nothing specifically GitHub about this.


Damn, I am really that kind of noob. I see iFastNet’s premium have git deploy feature, I have a plan to purchase premium, maybe soon when my website got famous.

Anyway, thank you @Admin. Can I use Visual Studio for that, you know to run the “repositories”. I want something like, HTML Minifier. The php code will get a html data from input text and then minify it.

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I haven’t used Visual Studio that much (only basic experience with VS Code, not with the real deal), I prefer the Jetbrains product suite (PHPStorm, etc.). PHPStorm does have an FTP deploy feature which can push your code from the editor, maybe VS Code has this as well?


I use VS Code and it has whatever you want through extensions (marketplace).
just type in the desired term and install the desired extension


Thank you @Admin and you too @Oxy.

Hmmm, maybe I could use it and edit it using visual studio then use it or upload it into my site, then make it public so people could use it, just like this one site, Thank you!!


I can code for you but see this as an educational curve and learn, if you get stuck will supply both code and reason


What do you mean sir? You willing to help me? :smiley:

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what I am saying is you can find the answer and code for yourself, but I have the answer but please dont ask as I willl give it to you, learn for yourself, would prefere you asked for direction to look its a infinityfree thing will but wish you id more leg work


Yes sir, i’m still learning it as of now, learning that how to make like this site, the site get the php code from github and run it into their site, that’s what I want to do. It’s so hard for me since I was just a student.

Clone the git repository, run composer install --no-dev --optimize-autoloader in the folder and upload all the files to your account.


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