Deployed Laravel Project doesn't work

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

But it is not what I have in index.php.

Of course, i cannot find where the problem is.
I did almost everything the same as written here: Instructions

  1. copied content from “public” folder of my app into “htdocs” on ftp
  2. copied the other content into separate folder with another name (I couldn’t create new folder in root folder, because of rights. That is why I copied everything in a new folder inside htdocs)
  3. changed paths in index.php (added new folder withing autoload paths)
  4. configured .env file relevant to my needs (such as APP_URL, DB, and so on)

Thats it!
It has to be functional. I’ve tested also with only 1 index.html <h1>test</1> in it. And even this didn’t work.

What am I missing? Any clues?

If your (sub)domain was created by Client Area, make sure that (sub)domain exist on Addon Domain menu of cPanel.
Or if you created the subdomain by yourself, make sure it exist on Subdomain list.
If still error:

Could you be more specific, I have 2 accounts, 2 different websites:

the first one works perfectly, the second is in this topic.
What should I do in cPanel? In cPanel from this second website?
Sorry for dumb questions, I promise I will never ask them again as long as I understand this problem :blush:

btw, thanks for answering)

you mean something like this? :

Since your domain name was added less than three days ago:

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no. I added both domains 3-4 days ago, that is what surprising. I mean, I’ve read this article.

now I have this, but no index.html with test word

You need to upload your website files to yourdomain/htdocs, overwriting yourdomain with your domain, with a FTP client.


that is what I did.
I just renamed app index.php to inde.php just to test domain with index.html with “test” inside

I saw your screenshot, and your website files are on htdocs, not on yourdomain/htdocs. If you want your website to work after adding the domain / subdomain another time from the “Addon Domains” or the “Subdomains” section of the Control Panel, you MUST upload / move them to yourdomain/htdocs.


now I get it

It’s kinda strange… because I didn’t do that for my first page/account

The main htdocs folder is only for (sub)domain that you registered from your Client Area (your first (sub)domain of your account).
After that, every time you create domains/subdomains inside your account cPanel, the domains/subdomains will have their own htdocs folder. For example:


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