I was trying to add the Blocksy starter sites to my WordPress blog and I received this message.

“The connection to our server didn’t worked. This connection is required for importing the starter sites from our demo content server. All you have to do is to contact your hosting provider and ask them to white list our demo server address.”

Please can someone help me solve this issue?

I believe it is not possible to do custom whitelisting on free hosting


I’m not aware of any notable blocks on outbound connections. I don’t see why the connection to would not work here, let alone where to look for this supposed whitelist of server addresses.

Is there any way to get more information about what this supposed connection block on our end actually means to them? Do they believe it’s a DNS block, an IP block, a port block or something else?

“Our software is unable to connect to our server and we won’t tell you why. Just contact your hosting provider, they will know what to do.”

No, we don’t. I hate it when developers do this. We don’t know what you code is doing and why it’s not working.


Thank you for responding. After making some changes on SSL the problem was solved.


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