Deletion of old accounts

I’d like to request removal of some old hosting accounts. Several should have passed the 30 day limit.

I checked your accounts, and they have all been deactivated on the 9th of May. That’s 29 days ago, so they are still within the 30 day period. So they should be deleted in the next few days.

If the accounts still haven’t been deleted after this weekend, just bump this topic and I can check them.

Accounts are still active. Sorry, I’ve got mad OCD.

I checked the status of account deletions, and it looks like I made an error in calculating the account deletion period. All the accounts which have been deleted recently have been deleted after 60 days, not 30.

I’m updating the texts to say 60 days instead of 30. I’m sorry for the bad information, but you will have to wait for another 30 days for the account to be deleted.

Okay. Will check back in 30 days. Out of curiosity, what is the legal restriction on why the data must be retained for so long?

It mostly has to do with law enforcement. Unfortunately, many people see free hosting as a great opportunity to setup phishing sites, data dumps and other malicious sites with little risk. Some times, these people setup their dangerous content, get whatever data in or out which they need, and then want to quickly delete all the evidence before we or an applicable law enforcement agency has noticed and can respond.

Keeping the account for at least 60 days helps us make sure that we can still recover information if it turns out the account owner was doing bad stuff, and we can work with law enforcement to stop the bad people.

This is not to say that we suspect you, or anyone else specifically, has done any bad stuff. This is simply a “better safe than sorry” decision.

I see. Well I shall await the 60 day period. I also see a new UI has been added for deactivation history.

Yes, that’s a new feature that has been added! I thought it would be helpful to see when the account was actually deactivated, so you can guess when it would be deleted. I hope that this will help to answer questions like the one you asked without requiring me to check it for people.


Indeed it will.

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