Deleting posts

is it possible to delete my posts once sorted as I do not want all the details especially personal details to be shown everywhere?

Also once answered is it possible to delete some of the data from the question? Otherwise could you please give me an email address where I can ask a question please


you mean the IF forum?

  1. it’ll automatically remove it after 24 hours.

  2. you can edit your question but you cannot remove it once onebody posted

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You can edit only if you have at least unlocked the level 1 badge in this forum.

For all the things before that, I’ll just leave you alone.

One reason why we have a forum, not a ticket system, is because previously answered questions may also be useful to other people who have similar issues. So deleting a topic after your question has been answered may harm others who have similar issues.

Another reason is that I have no intention of answering all questions personally, and free hosting doesn’t pay enough for me to hire people to do that. So that’s why there is no support email address.

There is a feature on the backlog to anonymize forum profiles if the corresponding client area profile is deleted, but that won’t delete the posts.

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So will it not be able to change anything in the post like my weblink after I have posted or delete it?

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