Deleting empty folders?

i have created multiple domains on my accounts and now almost the empty domains filling the whole page

i want to remove them so i can clearly know which folder still contains things instead of keep on finding a specific folder is this much empty folders. but i cant. any ideas?

I do not think if you can alter any thing outside htdoces folder.

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yeah thats the problem so i want to know if @Admin can actually remove the empty folders for me? and hi bayo i think your domains are suspended…

Idk is this bug or not but when a domain removes its folder still exists without being removed.

Since admin has control on accounts probably he can remove these folders.

Yep ,I used to suspend my site while developing.

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i think he possibly can. a reseller access shuld be able to do this… if not he can sent a suggestion to ifastnet.

hmm… how? remove from your domain list and add it back in later? but well… this account suspension should go in here… maybe i should start anothe topic or pm you about this

I mean, I hit the limits, Because i had to refresh the page every time to see the changs.

right we’re going off-topic .


yeah lets wait for @Admin to see what he can do with the folders…

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I can’t help you with this. Our policy is that we don’t do account specific actions. We want to provide free hosting in a sustainable way, and use what little resources we have to improve the service for everyone. I don’t believe cleaning up folders people no longer need on specific accounts is a good way to invest these resources.

If there is a bug in the platform, we will fix it. If there is a workaround, we will offer it. But if there is something that can’t be done by you, we’re not going to invest scarce staff time to do it for you.

Yes, the undeleteable folders are a known limitation. There is no way to delete the folders, so you’ll just have to ignore them.


hmm… alright then i will ignore them. thanks @Admin

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