Deleted the free domain to use a purchased domain

Website URL

The account was set up with

I finally got the site files and mysql moved and it worked and wanted to update the domain, I tried to park the domain but it shows the free one so I added an addon domain and copied the files over to it. Then I stupidly deleted the free great-site dot net domain in addon’s but now the boutique beach huts does not work and instead redirects to suspended-website
Not sure how to get it to view the right site.

Currently, I see a parking page on That means the following article applies.


so wait the 40+ hours

I checked, but for me it’s redirecting to This means your domain name and hosting account work, but your website is redirecting it to the free subdomain.

Are you using WordPress by any chance? If so, you can fix this by updating the website URL of your site:


Thanks so much, that worked!

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