Deleted SSL cert from cPanel but still shows up on my website?

If you look at (no content yet) you can see that It loads with a Let’s encrypt cert, but i’ve deleted it and it still doesn’t dissappear. i want to use cloudflare but since this cert wont go away I get put in a redirect loop when I turn on Cflare. How do I delete it.

I went Cpanel > ssl/tls> delete cert

Did I do anything wrong?

your website is already using cloudflare

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clear your browser cache

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I just did and it still shows Let’s Encrypt. Must be something with Firefox I guess. Thank you!

try to check using another browser

I just installed WP, Using other browsers puts me in a redirect loop. Is it looping for you aswell?
Im using private windows btw.

Okay it seems Really Simple SSL sends my site to a loop. Disabling it stops the looping,

based on my experience, if you use SSL from Cloudflare then you use WP which configuration from Softaculous you use SSL it will force the site to become https, that’s what creates a redirect loop error, if you want to fix it please reinstall WP and configure it to http in softaculous, then if already installed, please login to your WP admin dashboard then go to settings and set your site to https in your WP settings

using https by force only works when you use SSL from Infinityfree not from cloudflare, if you still want to do SSL everything on your site please log in to the cloudfalre dashboard then click SSL then turn on the Always Use HTTPS option

I did install in http when in Softaculous, I and have changed it to https in the WP settings. I used a pluging called Really Simple SSL which does this for me but it also puts it in a loop. When I manually de-activate the plugin, the https stays on for https;// but not for

yes, I already have that option on in the cflare dash

your current website does not use https

I have the for the DNS records fin Cflare as well.

Bruh what ffffffff I dont even know what im doing wrong

SSLabs says there is https but check it out



Browsers cache SSL data. I know Google Chrome definitely caches previous SSL certificates. And if you didn’t actually revoke the Let’s Encrypt certificate, Chrome will try to keep using it.


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