Deleted parked domain still active

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Original domain (addon domain) was (original domain)
I had tried to change it to my new domain ( but realised I couldn’t change the document root.
I parked the new domain on the original domain great-site, however I then deleted the parked domain.
I also deleted great-site from addon domain, so that only my new domain remains.
I then copied all the files in the htdocs folder into the new document root.
However my website is not displaying. When I type in new domain it redirects me to the now deleted original domain.
Not sure how to fix this.

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The redirect is caused not by our hosting, but by your website code enforcing the old URL.

I took a quick look at your account and see that you’re using WordPress. Here is an article I found that describes how to do this:

You may not have access to your admin area. In that case, I would recommend Method 4 from the article and change the site URL through phpMyAdmin.


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