Deleted parked domain by mistake

I deleted the parked domain provided for free to me. Now, I can’t park my .com domain. What should I do?


You need to create another account, with the subdomain of your choice, or just create an account with your .com domain if you want to park it on InfinityFree. Then upload your website or install WordPress through Softaculous or a manual installation.

Parked Domains are used when you want to make one domain an alias to a domain which is already on your account. So if you delete the original domain from your account, you won’t be able to create aliases to that domain.

Instead, you can add your domain name to your account as an Addon Domain. You don’t need to have any domains on your account to add an Addon Domain.

That was helpful. Thanks. I simply added the .com domain as Addon, and it is working fine.

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