Deleted original free addon domain

On the control panel->addon domains I deleted my original free domain name

(because I wanted to add a new domain).
When I noticed that I can no longer access my wordpress site I tried to add again the
but the server return the error:

This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485) nunozone . infinityfreeapp . com. 86400 IN CNAME 11776.bodis . com.
There appears to be a CNAME entry for this domain (1408485) nunozone . infinityfreeapp . com. 86400 IN CNAME 11776 . bodis . com.

Now I can’t access my wordpress site, not on the original free domain and neither in .com domain I added (so it seams copy the htdocs content was not a good ideia).

Help would be appreciated.
(I put some spaces on the urls as new forum user can only insert 2 links…)


Using the “subdomains” section in the control panel, you can re-add your domain name.


Yes, that was a good ideia, but the result was adding a new folder (number 1) and I need to use the original folder (number 2), I hope you can see the image in attach



Unfortunately that cannot be done anymore. You’ll need to move the contents of folder 2 to folder 1.

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Once the accont’s infital domain was deleted, it is not possible to use the default htdocs fodler again unless you create a new account.

But all you have to do is move the files from the /htdocs folder to the / folder.


Thank you for you reply, I try that but it didn’t work. the site is in wordpress I assume there were a lot of references missmatchs. After copying the 7600 files the site did not work at all. Oh well seams I’ve to start all over from the beggining. Wordpress have some plugins for export/import my bad not having used that before start to mess up with the domains

Don’t use those plugins on free hosting, they don’t work, and those that do just create more problems then they solve. Both InfinityFree and WordPress themselves recommend migrating a WordPress website manually.


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