deleted font file

Hello administrator, please, font file without virus is not installed and is deleted, and I need this file, because I live in Japan and they are Japanese characters.

All the reasons a file may be deleted after uploading are described here. Please see for yourself which applies to your file.

Also, please note that our file scanning is automatic and, like all virus scanners, is not perfect. So your virus scanner may give a false negative or ours may give a false positive.


The file is a Japanese font, which was downloaded directly from GitHub by TCFPDF, and tested it on other friends’ hosts, and whether it would be accepted and run the program, which resulted in perfectly normal, as you would expect, I believe that only in InfityFree came to have a problem, to my unhappiness. Can anything be done to resolve this?

Is it greater than 10 MB?

unfortunately I think 12mb

Well then it won’t fit because of 10 mb per file.


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