Deleted account recovery

נמחק לי חשבון אבל האתר נשאר מה אני יכול לעשות כדי לשחזר את החשבון (אני רוצה להיכנס לקבצים של האתר)?

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I deleted an account but the site remains What can I do to recover the account (I want to access the site's files)?

If you deleted your hosting account, you cannot retrieve your website files.


I do not need the files I need the domain

Your domain is not owned by Infinity Free, but with your domain registrar. If you want to host your domain here, you need to create a new hosting account and point your domain to and, then connect it to your new hosting account. You can do this on the Infinity Free dashboard.

I created a subdomain ( How do I use it in a new account I create?

Just log in to the FTP client and upload the files to that website. You can also use the file manager in the control panel to do this.

If the account is deleted, then the domain is too. You can add it to a hosting account again by adding it through the Subdomains section on an existing account, or by creating a new hosting account with that subdomain.

Note that once a domain name is removed from an account, anyone can claim it. So if the account was deleted some time ago, it’s possible someone else has taken the domain name.

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